Putting the ACTIVE Back in Activewear!

Putting the ACTIVE Back in Activewear!

Putting the ACTIVE back in ACTIVEWEAR!

When did activewear become more about what you wear and less about active habits and lifestyles?

Sultry looks, fierce yet composed poses and of course the stunning fashion or fitness models in every collection is great but where is the action?! Where is the fun and glow after a rush of blood flow and fresh oxygen delivering that endorphin high.

The fashion industry has crossed into the fitness industry where you will never see a bad photograph, with every image flawless, photoshopped and edited to perfection.
This is where the Curve Crew vision becomes different.

This is quality clothing with a message of self love, acceptance and transformation behind it.

A brand that focuses on how you feel in and out of the clothes you wear.
A brand that values your mental and physical wellbeing more than the value of the clothing.

The 12 Week Curve Creator is the first step of the brands plan towards stamping a positive impact on womens’ health.

Teaming up with Exercise Scientist and fitness advocate @Cassandraallen_ the duo are in agreement that “Exercise Prescription should be free” to enforce the brands irrefutable philosophy on health measures for the community. The guide automatically adds to cart with every set with no code necessary or commission-based reward for the social media influencer.

The benefits of a more active lifestyle are known to create a true glow that will last longer than any activewear brand.

There will always be new styles, new patterns, fabrics, designs, ultra lifting shaping activewear that a consumer will always have access to. Though when it is time to step out of the activewear, time to take off the branded clothing that all the top influencers are wearing, the brands emphasis is on how you feel is what matters most.

Comfort and style are key to any successful activewear brand though Curve Crew would point out not nearly as important as being comfortable in your own body and having enough self confidence that you can wear anything you wanted without a flicker of self-doubt.

This is a new chapter for activewear, serving up a complete package of nutrition, training, health, mind and body changing habits that will have you looking and feeling amazing in anything that you do.

Sign me up and See you in there!

Written by - Elaine M. Fielding

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